What's Happening


Vidya  Vanam has three events through the course of the year to showcase the  students' activities and accomplishments. The three pillars of growth  and development encompass the development of the scholastic, the  aesethetic and the physical.

Scholastic progress is presented at Project Day  usually held in the last week of November or first week of December in  the second term. The entire learning in the junior and senior school  revolves around a chosen theme. Children display models, charts, present  songs, dances and plays based on the chosen theme to the visitors and  parents. 

The exposition of the aesthetic is through the Annual Day celebration. Music, dance, and drama play a predominant role in showcasing the cultural heritage of the local communities. 

Sports Day  highlights the physical needs of the children. Apart from regular  events like the 200m race and relay, shot putt, javelin throw, the  school has evolved games like Collect Your Partner, Kangaroo Race,  Scissor Cut, Tying Yourself into Knots that combine athletic ability  with loads of fun. The competition is not with others but with bettering  oneself.

Every  alternate year, Vidya Vanam hosts a National Conference on Education  with a specific theme. Teachers, educators and anyone interested in  children and education are invited. The conference has had eminent  speakers like scholar and former Prime Minister of the Tibetan  Government in Exile Samdhong Rinpoche, Principal Scientific Adviser to  the Government of India Dr K VijayRaghavan, politician and author Shashi  Tharoor, activist Aruna Roy, educationists Rajan Gurukkal, Anil  Sadgopal, Santhya Vikram, and Banu Nagesh, academicians AR  Venkatachalapathy, Sambaiah Gundimeda, Gita Jayaraj, social workers  Chintan Girish Modi and RS Praveen Kumar among others.


Prema Rangachary inaugurates Avinashilingam University's English Literary Association with well-received talk on Literature and Life

Eminent educationist Amukta Mahapatra visited the school and interacted with the teachers, talking to them about education practices, teaching and child development

Vidya Vanam, in collaboration with Coimbatore's Udalveli and Theatre Akku, brought the Therukoothu-based play Adavu to Kondanur village


The third batch of Std X students clear the EdExcel IGCSE exams

Students learn about spinning with organic cotton in a workshop conducted by Shivakumar and Aishwarya from Tiruppur


Vidya Vanam's Volleyball team particpated in the K Venkatesalu Memorial District Level Volleyball Tournament

Artistes from the Kanchipuram's Kattaikuttu Sangam visited Anaikatti and showed the children what the ancient art form was all about. VIdya Vanam's students also showed them a sample of the koothu performance in and around this area.

Vidya  Vanam played host to a day-long event to commemorate World Environment  Day on June 5. Organised by the Salim Ali Centre for Ornithology and  Natural History (SACON), the programme was on the theme was Beat Plastic  Pollution. Over 700 children from various schools in Coimbatore  participated in various competitions like painting, elocution,  just-a-minute sessions, games and quizzes.

Prema Rangachary,  Vidya Vanam’s Director, spoke about Vidya Vanam’s methodology at a  three-day education conference held at Vedavalli Vidyalaya, Ranipet.  Four teachers from Vidya Vanam attended the conference. Vidya Vanam’s  students performed a tribal dance during the conference.

Three  students from the DBRT course went for a six-day training programme to  Vigyan Ashram, Pabal, Maharashtra in the second week of June. They were  accompanied by C Sridharan, the DBRT coordinator. DBRT stands for  Diploma in Basic Rural Technology and is offered by NIOS as a livelihood  training course for students who have completed Std. VIII. At the  Vigyan Ashram programme, Paramasivan, Satish and Bharat learnt to take  measurements using Vernier Calipers, about the basic tools of electrical  work, to measure wires using the wire gauge, to calculate electricity  bills, about circuit wiring (simple, parallel and series) and how to set  up wiring for a staircase and gowdown. In the Agriculture and Animal  Husbandry section, they learnt to calculate the animal's age, how to  measure its weight and height, to prepare a vermicompost pit and  bio-pesticides. In the Home Science class, they learnt to make biscuits,  jams and pickles and also how to market these products.

Vidya  Vanam’s third National Conference on Education was conducted on May 25  & 26, 2018. The theme was Peace in Education. The conference was  inaugurated by Prof Samdhong Rinpoche, former Prime Minister of the  Tibetan Government in Exile, and the Keynote Address was delivered by Dr  K VijayRaghavan, Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of  India. Other speakers were eminent author Perumal Murugan, academicians  Prof AR Venkatachalapathy, Gita Jayaraj, Dr N Markandan, Prof Sambaiah  Gundimeda and V Vasanthi Devi, eminent musician and public intellectual  Vidwan TM Krishna, former IPS officer and social activist Dr RS Praveen  Kumar, peace educator Chintan Girish Modi, neurologist and researcher Dr  Subramaniam Sriram, educationists Santhya Vikram and Banu Nagesh and  Vidya Vanam’s Academic Coordinator TM Srikanth and some of the school’s  students. The conference was attended by over 100 teachers and educators  from across India. The conference included workshops on the role of  language in conflict resolution, inclusivity, living in sync with Nature  and reflective writing facilitated by Dr Kathy Ganske, Prema  Rangachary, Dr Sanjay Molur and Dr Neeraja Raghavan.

Padmarekha  Anjan, a Montessori trainer from Bengaluru’s Jnanagamya, conducted a  10-day refresher course for Vidya Vanam’s junior school teachers. The  programme reiterated the Montessori philosophy and its efficacy in early  childhood development.
TM Srikanth, Vidya Vanam’s Academic  Coordinator was one of the delegates at a National Education Conference  organised at the Mahatma Gandhi Hindi Vishwa Vidhyalaya at Wardha,  Maharashtra. The theme was Schooling in the 21st Century: Changing  Dimensions, Interventions and Emerging Alternatives. Srikanth spoke  about attitudes to education and Vidya Vanam’s work.

TM  Srikanth, Vidya Vanam’s Academic Coordinator, and Sarbamit Choudhury  Senior Science Teacher, participated in a science communication workshop  organised by Zoo Outreach Organisation, which dealt with simplifying  science for students and common people alike and to create an interest  in science.
A group of Vidya Vanam’s students accompanied by Srikanth  were part of the Kids Ask Scientist programme by Mango Education.  Children from different schools interacted with B Hariharan, scientist  from the Cosmic Ray Laboratory, Ooty, and Dr Sanjay Molur of Zoo  Outreach Organisation. Srikanth wrote about both these programmes for  The Hindu MetroPlus Coimbatore edition. Links below:



Vidya  Vanam hosted the cultural extravaganza Svanubhava, which had over 700  students from Coimbatore and Tirupur. The programme comprised Irula  dances by Asad Kala Sangam, Tholpavaikoothu by Ramachandra Pulavar and  troupe, Oyilattam and Paraiattam by Chennai-based Nanbargal Kalai Kuzhu,  a nadaswaram recital by Kollengode Subramaniam, Yakshagana by a troupe  from Purna Pragnya Yaksha Kala Kendra from Udupi, Kuchipudi by Kishore  and Padmavani Mosilakanti, a rhythm ensemble and a street play by the  drama club of PSG College of Arts and Science. There were also stalls  showcasing Irula food, Toda embroidery, Kota pottery, Kurumba paintings  and Rajasthani lac bangles. This event was covered in the Coimbatore  edition of The Hindu MetroPlus. The first day's report was written by  two of Vidya Vanam's students, Nitha Pullooni and P Divya


Students  from Coimbatore’s DJ Academy of Design visited the school for a camp.  Led by a consultant from Netherlands and Joghi Panghaal from Ahmedabad’s  National Institute of Design, they constructed a wood-fired oven on  Vidya Vanam’s campus. They also trained our kitchen staff to bake bread.