Skill Development

Skill Development Programs

Diploma in Basic Rural Technology (DBRT)

In 2018-2019, Vidya Vanam introduced the Diploma in Basic Rural Technology (DBRT) for students of Std 9 with the aim of developing technical skills and entrepreneurship. As of now, eight students have joined and more have expressed interest in the course.

Three students, accompanied by the DBRT coordinator Mr. Sridharan visited Vigyan Ashram, Pabal village near Pune, for a week’s training in June. They received training in Electricals, Engineering, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Home Science and the students participated enthusiastically. After their return to school, they shared their experiences with their classmates. 

In our school campus, the students are cultivating half an acre of agricultural land. They learnt about intercropping greens and radish amid coconut trees. The vegetables they grow are used in the school kitchen. They also learn about different techniques of organic farming.

Construction of Dome

The students constructed a low cost dome as their workspace. With a diametere of 8metres, the dome rests on a platform of two and a half feet, which was built with sized stones. The students worked with the masons and learnt the building techniques and the packing and flooring work.

The structure of the dome was ordered from Vigyan Ashram. Mr. Kasim Bhai made the ā€œLā€ angle structure at Vigyan Ashram and the students assembled it on the foundation they had built.

A bamboo trellis made with the help of local Irula craftsmen has been used as support wall for the dome.