Biology Lab

An area that kindles the children’s curiosity in the world around them

Chemistry Lab

An area for experiential learning

Physics Lab

Leads children to understand the physical principles, which finds application in the outside world

Maths Lab

Equipped with materials to support multiple levels of concept-based learning.

Computer Lab

Equipped with 26 workstations so that each child in a class can work independently.


The school provides a nutritious drink in the morning, lunch comprising rice, sambar, rasam, vegetables and curds, and a glass of milk and a snack in the evening.


Stocked with around 5000 books, both fiction and non-fiction, this is a space that stimulates the child’s imagination.


A space for unfettered games as well as organised games


Developing a sense of aesthetics through a cultural exploration


A combination of the classical and songs of the community


Involving body and mind


Bringing children to school safely and taking them home